Keren Barukh, Artist & Designer

Keren Barukh, Artist & Designer

Keren is an award-winning Northern California based jewelry designer for over 20-years and owner of Keren Creations. She has a degree in Art from UC San Diego. Her accomplishments fusing art and jewelry to help her clients look their best makes her one of the most knowledgeable Jewelry Designers & Stylists in the industry. Using materials from around the world such as 2000-year-old Roman Glass from Jerusalem or Tuscan silk from Sienna, Keren Creations can not be found in a catalog or in stores.

Keren has worked with well-known clothing companies such as Bloomingdales to display successful trunk shows, and has been fully featured in editorials such as the San Francisco Chronicle and Contra Costa Times. Her pieces have been in various promotional photo-shoots such as MyStyle, LA Best Body, and M Magazine, as well as special events like the Grammy Foundation Starry Night in 2009, hosted by Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono.

The Keren Creations team offers their expertise to women of all ages, celebrities and non-celebrities. They work with each client individually to assess their skin tone, hair/eye color, and body type, before hand-selecting each jewelry piece that compliments them best. For that reason, Keren Creations is shared primarily through face to face engagement – exciting shopping party experiences and private appointments.

“Whether shopping for a special event or for casual everyday pieces, the result is always a success,” says Keren. “Women exclaim that the personalized selection experience is magical – and that they are causing conversation wherever they go. This feels amazing!”


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