Jewelry Parties

Shopping is almost always more fun in the company of friends to encourage your purchases and share the excitement of finding the perfect piece of jewelry.

Hosting a Keren Creations Jewelry Party with Keren is like taking an evening women’s retreat!

Host a Party with the Artist, and bring Keren’s personal attention and expert consultation to your guests in the comfort of your home or another location of your choice. Keren and her team have helped party hosts just like you at countless parties.

Keren will work with each of your guests as if they are a canvas, taking into account hair, skin and eye color, individual style and comfort level, so they have the most successful shopping experience. This unique approach to jewelry shopping ensures that Keren Creations clients are able to try on many selections with the help and experienced eye of Keren and her Event Assistants, and to leave the party with just “the right” pieces.

Host a Keren Creations Party with the Artist

Here’s How:

  • Pick a date – one that you are comfortable with from one to three months in advance* and call 1.925.209.8082, email Keren or submit our contact form to hold a Keren Creations Party with the Artist.
  • Build your guest list – an ideal number of serious shoppers is 10-12, keeping the vibe fun and the focus on the jewelry and your guests. It’s a good idea to “over-invite” as a 30% cancellation rate is generally the norm for party attendance.
  • Send out invitations – once the date is set, Keren or her Assistant will provide you with an Evite invitation five weeks in advance for sendout that will capture our RSVPs for you. It’s simple – but Keren can help if you have any problems.
  • Plan your set-up – The more surface space for jewelry display you have in one room, the better (i.e. large dining room table, etc.) However, if your space is small, don’t worry. Plan on supplying light refreshments – there is not much time for more because your guest will be so busy shopping!
  • Encourage your guests to be on time and present – the fun begins when Keren begins each party with a brief introduction of her work and how to make most of the time at your party. The rest of the time can be spent on shopping and having fun!


What’s In It for Me?

As a host, you automatically get a FREE necklace of your choice as “thank you” for bringing your friends together. And, there are additional special discounts available for your purchases, as well.

* 5 weeks notice to reschedule is highly recommended and appreciated due to the number of Keren Creations Parties with the Artist that may be scheduled in any particular season.